unamused and disappointed. hoam!

Loudspeaker is a device that convert electric signals to audible sound. Sound that can be heard from a distance and by a large number of people.


You know, long time ago, saya dan beberapa orang teman pernah menggunakan teknologi loudspeaker melalui telepon rumah untuk ikut sebuah kuis di radio. We did. We sang a song together over the phone and we got a prize for the reward. That was fun.

Pernah juga, I’m using this loudspeaker technology on the cellphone, bareng-bareng dengan beberapa teman lainnya, bercakap-cakap dengan teman kami lainnya yang sedang berada di daerah antah berantah. Saling berebut dan bersahut-sahutan bertanya kabar, berbagi cerita, dan tertawa bersama-sama. I’m telling you that was also a real fun thing I’ve ever experienced with this kind of technology ever invented. OH YES IT IS.

But the one you did with this technology. The other night when you lied and conspired with those creatures you’d prefer to get along with… You did use this technology while those other strangers were behind you and listening to everything we talked, without me even knowing… That wasn’t fun at all, mister. That impolite thing you did was not fun, at all.

After all this time… After all the wasting time, energy, and also expenses… You cant even be a good friend at all for me. It is so much true that behind every asshole there's always a bitch who made him that way. And conspiration made you both look so cute together... :'>

Moral of the story: Should be more careful on people I get emotionally involved with in the past. And I should be more careful on by-phone-conversation, kali-kali aja banyak yang diam-diam pengen dengerin suara emas saya. Itung-itung latian disadap kalo jadi pejabat ntar... Haha.