they said...

"Libra is noted for never leaving a current mate when unhappy until they have another one to take its place"
ARE YOU? // No, I'm not. I left because that person decided to leave // Ok, I trust you.

"Jika dia mempertanyakan karena secara fisik dia merasa lebih cantik, mungkin hatinya yang kurang ciamik"
Dia cantik, dan sepertinya berpendidikan // ya tapi mulutnya enggak, mulut itu menyuarakan isi hati, jadi hatinya itu enggak cantik // gitu ya?

"biasanya orang galau males mikir"
Take a deep breathe-inhale-exhale. Oh yeah. That's why I never blame you, little creature, for being misunderstood and rude at the same time.


It has been so long that I close my eyes off, pretending that I dont see anything so It would hurt less. But still we dont get the point, right?

"Karena bahagia itu kan kita yang buat, batin.. Bukan mereka"
(Cherlanda, 2012)