rides off and a smile.

Weeping willow tree down at the lakes edge, Vada and Thomas J are sitting under resting quietly.
Vada : Why do you think people want to get married?
Thomas J : Well when you get older, you just have to.
Vada : I'm gonna marry Mr. Bixler.
Thomas J : You can't marry a teacher, it's against the law.
Vada : It is not.
Thomas J : Yes it is, cause then he'll give you all A's and it won't be fair.
Vada : Not true. (nervously, uncertain) Have you ever kissed anyone?
Thomas J: Like they do on TV?
Vada : Uh huh.
Thomas J : No.
Vada : Maybe we should, just to see what's the big deal.
Thomas J : But, I don't know how.
Vada : Here, practice on your arm like this.
Vada brings her forearm up to her mouth and starts to kiss it, Thomas J follows.
Thomas J : Like this?
Vada : Uh huh.
They kiss their arms for a while...
Vada : Okay, enough practice. Close your eyes.
Thomas J : But then I won't be able to see anything.
Vada raises her fist
Vada : Just do it.
Thomas J : Okay, okay.
Vada : Okay on the count of three. One... Two... Two and a half... Three!

Vada leans forward and kisses Thomas J on the lips, they both look surprised, Vada then sits back against the tree, long pause.
Vada : Say something it's too quiet!
Thomas J : Umm, Ummmmm
Vada : (agitated) Just, hurry.
Thomas J stands up and begins to say something along the lines of...
Thomas J : On political agents to the flag of the United States of America,
Vada stands up and joins in...
Thomas J and Vada : And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, individual, with liberty and justice for all.

When they finish, they both still look a uncomfortable. Road day, Vada and Thomas J are wheeling their bikse back down it...
Vada : You better not tell anyone.
Thomas J : You better not either.

Vada : Well, let's spit on it.
Thomas J : Okay.
Both of them raise their hands to their mouths and spit on them, they then shake hands and when finished wipe them off on their trousers...
Vada : Seeya tomorrow.
Thomas J : Okay, seeya.
Vada starts off down the road.

Thomas J : Vada?
Vada : What?
Thomas J : Would you think of me?
Vada : For what?
Thomas J : Well if you don't get to marry Mr. Bixler.
Vada smiles, and gets on her bike
Vada : I guess.
As Vada rides off, Thomas J smiles

my thousand times re-posting this script.
My Girl The Movie.


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