dear hachi.

Dirty Eight by Cojaro on DevianArt

Ken: Hachi..

Parker Wilson: What?
Ken: It's japanese, for eight. A number of good fortune.
Parker Wilson: Good fortune, very nice. Hachi..Hachi.. It's a good name. I like that..
Ken: He might have been born the eight in the litter. Spiritual signifficant in number eight, reaches up to heaven comes down to earth.
(Hachiko, a dog's story)


In Japanese, “8” is written as “八” in Kanji, and It is considered “末広がり(Suehirogari)” from its shape which widens toward the end. Suehirogari is to become more and more prosperous as time goes. It brings luck, it says. Do you believe it?
Well, DO YOU?