dua januari.

I've never been the jealous type.
Not with the real biological creature called girl.
I ever happened jealous to a thing named tugas akhir and a virtual-enemy named DOTA who used to be taking over my quality time.

But now I just cant seem to understand why on earth I could be so jealous like yesterday..

a friend of mine asked me once,
"gimana kalo pacar atau suami kamu selingkuh?"
"then it's a goodbye" i said.
"putus atau cerai gitu maksudnya? Kenapa?"
"kalo sampe pasangan kita selingkuh artinya ada yang salah dengan kita. artinya dia mau cari kebahagiaan yang lain, yang mungkin dia temukan di orang lain yang jadi selingkuhannya itu"
saya pernah punya jawaban naif seperti itu dulu, hahahaha, unbelieveable.

Well, maybe the best you can do is just becoming a home which is homy for each other of you.
And let just the heart guide 'the lost one' home.
Cheers! :) :) :)